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playing possum

IT’S HARD TO SAY WHERE THIS WHOLE MESS GOT STARTED!  Ever since Bass’s father died in Iraq, life at home has gotten tougher by the year. When a fight with his mother’s boyfriend sends fourteen-year-old Bass sailing through a sliding glass door and racing through the woods to the safety of an abandoned warehouse, Bass realizes that being “dead” might be the opportunity he needs to save himself and his family. As Bass moves from “Possum” to “Ghost” to “Angel,” Playing Possum reflects powerfully on the toll that war takes on one American family—and celebrates human resilience in the face of life’s challenges.


“Playing Possum captures a realistic view of the arduous life of soldiers…a bone chilling message that while some of us come home with wounds, all of us come home with scars.”

—Sergeant John O’Connell, USMC, veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

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